Our New Location

No longer split in two, our new location at 85 Orsmond Street, Hindmarsh has everything under one roof.
As many of you are aware, we moved to our new location towards the end of 2018, we’ve been spending the first half of 2019 settling in and getting acclimatised to our new home.
This new facility allows us much greater control over our production and a much better workflow which is all important when providing the varied range of products and services that Big Image Australia does.

Although, always a work in progress, there are many new things we are adding to our facility.

  • Such as a dedicated samples and display area for you to see, touch, take all the different print products we offer.
  • and a more streamlined client pick up point

Although not our newest announcement we believe this move was a necessary endeavor and will provide a better base to continue to serve our clients well into the future.