Our most recent acquisition, express from The States, is the Gerber MCT Cutter. This machine was the missing piece in the puzzle, and allows us to do any kind of cutting, creasing and routing process, at a speed and quality that is hard to match.

With a seamless print to cut workflow this not only improves our banner production, but will also expand our trade-supply capabilities into the point of purchase, point of sale, and display markets.

New trade services we can offer to you include but not limited to:

  • Direct print and contour cut on materials such as foam pvc, aluminium composite, re-board, kapa and much more.
  • We can offer cut services on hard materials such as acrylic, and aluminium.
  • Ability to print/cut/crease 3 dimensional displays.

As a trade supplier, we believe this development will save you time and money, and further expand the offerings that you can supply to your clients.