Supplying art that is correctly setup will ensure jobs get processed quickly and also minimizes the chance for errors.

Here you can find pdf specifications for file submission and for the various types of finishing that can be done.

General artwork requirements are:

  • Supply as PDF
  • Files to be CMYK
  • Convert all text to outlines
  • Embed all images and elements
  • No trim, crop or registration marks
  • Bitmap images to be supplied no less than 100dpi when scaled to full size.
  • Embed any Pantone Colours you may require. They should be chosen from the Pantone Solid Coated library.
  • Should you require white ink, create the white ink parts of your artwork with a spot colour named (case sensitive): WHITE
    Make this a colour that can be seen, and stands apart from your other artwork, such as 100% cyan. If the white ink needs to be printed behind or on top of other colours, make the white ink layer the top most layer, and set it to overprint (which will allow other colours to be seen ‘through’ the white layer)
    You can check this is correct by viewing the ‘Overprint Preview’ in adobe acrobat or in the illustrator view options.
  • Should you require contour cutting, denote your cut paths with a spot colour named (case sensitive): CutContour
  • Additional cutting paths can be spot colours named as follows (all case sensitive): Drill, Bevel, Kiss, Crease, Score

Specification Files