With our Uvistar Pro8, we have the capability to print up to 5 meters wide, and as long as you like. All banners are finished in-house with a combination of heat welding, high frequency welding or sewing depending on customer requirements.

Single Sided, Double sided, Backlit we do it all.

Banners are either single sided or double sided and we print double sided on both sides of block-out vinyl without needing to join two pieces together. Single sided banners are mostly printed on our 510gsm stock, but we can also use 610gsm or 800gsm block-out for both single and double sided banners. We can also print backlit banners on both sides of the media for consistent colour day and night.

Printing Methods

We have a combination of UV and Latex printers in house. Some print methods are better for certain purposes, but both will provide a great result.

Finishing Methods

We can fabricate your banner to any custom requirements you may have. Or we can supply just the printed media and you can take it away to complete yourself.

Common finishing includes but is not limited to:

  1. Hems, eyelets
  2. Keder edge
  3. Rope edge
  4. Rod Pockets