Brand new to Big Image Australia is our 3.2 meter x 3.2 meter Gerber MCT Cutter. This machine comes equipped with a big 2.5 kw router for hard materials. It also comes equipped with a multitude of blades and creasing tools for light materials and POP displays along with rotary blades for fabrics. With a cutting depth of up to 50 mm thick, it copes easily with most materials.

Quality, Accuracy, Speed

Fantastically fast, and with an on-board vision system for exceptional accuracy, we can offer what few others can.

With this new addition and combined with our flatbed printer we can offer full point of purchase displays, 3 dimensional displays, detailed contour cutting of hard materials like foam pvc, aluminium composite panel, acrylic and even wood.

Blade and creasing tools allow for the creation of printed boxes, folded shapes and other promotional signage. Imagination is the only limit.

We can offer cutting of your own materials as well, contact us for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised!